Barnett's Promise rings hollow as drilling hits iconic site

Colin Barnett must reaffirm his commitment to prevent the destruction of WA’s Horizontal Waterfalls through mining by stopping onsite drilling, Greens MLC Robin Chapple said today.

Mr Chapple made this statement after receiving clear evidence of large scale drilling at the iconic tourist site by Pegasus Metals. 

“As Mr Barnett visits the Kimberley this week, he must take action to prove to residents that his words about protecting the Horizontal Waterfalls were in earnest,” Mr Chapple said.

Pegasus hopes to mine the fragile area around the Waterfalls for copper.

“Any mining activity around the Horizontal Waterfalls will ruin the ecological, heritage and tourism values of this incredibly important site,” Mr Chapple said.

“No-one is going to want to visit a mine site sitting in muddy water so that’s millions in tourist dollars up in smoke forever and local businesses in grave danger.”

“Mr Barnett was quoted in The West Australian on 31 August as being committed to protecting the Horizontal Waterfalls.  Whatever our differences on industrial sites in the Kimberley, I would like to believe his words were sincere in this case.”

“If his words are not to be judged as hollow by the people of the Kimberley, Mr Barnett must get those drill rigs off the ridges surrounding the Horizontal Waterfalls.”
“I will be following up the matter when Parliament resumes next week.”

“If the Pegasus Metals operation is allowed to continue it will be one more step towards the demise of a pristine Kimberley, because Mr Barnett was asleep on watch.”

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  • For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255
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