Barnett contrary on voluntary euthanasia position

15th September 2009 - Colin Barnett’s position that he does not support euthanasia, but “does support the right of families, with the doctors, to deal with situations on a case by case basis”, is completely contrary and only serves to highlight the need for a voluntary euthanasia law in Western Australia.

“Mr Barnett is advocating that doctors be allowed to euthanise people in an entirely unlawful manner” said Robin Chapple MLC, the Greens MP who last week released a draft voluntary euthanasia bill which he intends to introduce into Parliament shortly.

“Mr Barnett is suggesting that it is better for doctors to euthanise people without the existence of any legislation to protect the patient from abuse.”

“He is also suggesting that families ask doctors to end the suffering of their loved ones, when the doctors know full well that to do so is against the law and would expose them to criminal and professional liability.”

“I am incredulous that Mr Barnett could support the concept of euthanasia as a humane way to end suffering, but advocate against a law that would regulate the practice, insert safeguards for the benefit of patients and provide immunity to doctors acting in accordance with a patient’s wishes.” Mr Chapple said.

“What Mr Barnett is really saying, is that he and his Government are afraid to deal with the issue. And that is a sad state of affairs for a community which, in the majority, support the introduction of a voluntary euthanasia law.”
  • For more information please contact Mr Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263.
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