Barnett’s spin on Kimberley won’t fool anyone: Greens

17 June 2011

Greens MLC Robin Chapple welcomes the Premier’s statement today in support of marine parks and conservation areas in the Kimberley, but is concerned that the Government’s actions speak louder than their words.

“Today as community members blockade the Woodside gas hub site at James Price Point near Broome, no one will be fooled by Premier Barnett’s spin”,  said Mr Chapple MLC, Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region.

“In an excerise of spin, Mr Barnett re-announced  the Kimberley Conservation Strategy today.

“While we are pleased that marine parks and conservation areas are being established in the Kimberley – they don’t provide protection for the Kimberley. There are mining and exploration tenements spread across the marine and land parks.

“The state government is racing to industralise the Kimberley – with proposals for oil and gas extraction, including controversial fracking proposals, mining supported at tourist destinations at the Horizontal Falls and Mitchell Plateau, and new uranium mining proposed along the Ord and Fitzroy River plains.”

At the recent Kimberley Energy and Resources Development Conference, the Department of Mines and Petroleum presented the Government’s view that the Kimberley is a world class mineral province waiting to be developed, with prospects for world class shale gas developments as well.

“Barnett’s claim to have “met the challenge” of conserving the Kimberley is a farce, which the community won’t stand for.

“Mr Barnett should be concerned, as there is a groundswell of community support for genuine protection of the Kimberley, and investment in sustainable economy in the region driven by tourism and local industry.”

For more information please contact Robin Chapple on 0409 379 263 or 9486 8255

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